16 Oct 2010

Review of "Companion to Ernst Jünger's 'Storm of Steel'" in the library service yearbook "Reference Reviews Europe Annual" vol. 13, 2007 (2010)

There is a review in English of the Das Begleitbuch zu Ernst Jünger 'In Stahlgewittern' ["Companion to Ernst Jünger's 'Storm of Steel'"] in the library service yearbook Reference Reviews Europe Annual - 13, 2007 ("RREA"), (Fiesole [Firenze]: Casalini libri, 2010), pp. 106-107. It is a shortened English version of the review by Prof. Dr. Frank-Rutger Hausmann published in Informationsmittel für Bibliotheken (IFB):
Ernst Jünger's significant reputation is based largely on In Stahlgewittern, one of the most notable and successful books on the World War I. Swedish historian and archaeologist Nils Fabiansson is the editior of the Historisk tidskrift and a leading representative of the field of battlefield archaeology. Fabiansson has drawn on Jünger's diaries and other works, Das Wäldchen 125 (Copse 125) (1924) and Feuer und Blut ("Fire and Blood") (1925) to create a companion that allows on to follow Jünger's war experiences in situ or from an armchair. Jünger experienced all aspects of the war from January 1915 through August 1918, and Fabiansson has gathered sketches from the authour's diaries, along with photos and maps, mingling past and present images to give a panoramic view of his experience. [frh/ab]

[frh= Prof. Dr. Frank-Rutger Hausmann, Freiburg University]