13 Apr 2009

Cocktail Regniéville Nights reviewed

I have let a test person (Anders Hammarberg above) and myself try the suspicious drink mentioned by Ernst Jünger in the Regniéville chapter (see previous posting), a fifty-fifty mixture of red wine and egg liquor in a big-bellied glass, to be sipped sitting in the gloaming with the door open, between the chill autumnal air and the warmth of the fire, whilst keeping the diary or reading.

Actually this mixture is not as terrible as one might suspect. We chose a rather oak barrell vanilla tasting Rioja, to go with the vanilla flavoured egg liquor Advocaat. The red wine made the egg liquor less sweet; the egg liquor removed the red wine character. The combination is interesting, not altogether bad for a chilly night we agreed, but not something we would like to recommend though.