10 May 2008

Painted signs and inscriptions at Porcien, Wadimont and Fraillicourt [Fußnote zur Fußnote 59.]

One of several preserved German graffiti inscriptions ("Corporal Schmolke, Watchmaker") at Chiry-Ourscamp at Chemin des Dames.

If any reader of this blog can find, photograph (detail and overview) and give detailed geographical and contextual information of any preserved German military signs or inscriptions from 1914-1918 in the Porcien - Wadimont - Fraillicourt area, I would be happy to publish it at this blog, and/or in the second (revised) edition of the Das Begleitbuch zu Ernst Jünger 'In Stahlgewittern', of course with full credits to the photographer!

Preserved sign to British underground field hospital beneath Arras.