25 Apr 2008

Maurice Genevoix vs. Ernst Jünger

French soldiers in trench, c. 1916 (autochrome from Captured in Colour: Rare Photographs from the First World War).

The French lieutenant Maurice Genevoix (1890–1980), was severely injured on the same day as Ernst Jünger in the battle at Les Éparges, April 25, 1915, but some hours later.

Genevoix is, together with Roland Dorgelès (Les croix de bois) and Henri Barbusse (Le feu, Das Feuer, Under Fire), one of the most well-known French WW1 writers, "des écrivains de guerre".

Genevoix describes the events at Tranchée de Calonne this day in the last chapter of his Les Éparges (1923), the fourth book of his five book series Ceux de 14 (1916–1923).

It seems that Jünger and Genevoix were never aware of this meeting at the battlefield 1915.

Maurice Genevoix (1890–1980)