8 Feb 2008

World War through the Stereoscope

Along the former Western Front there are here and there small dark bar-café museums with vintage coin operated stereoscopic photograph viewers preserved from the 1920s battlefield tourism period, each showing dozens of often ghastly images of the World War I in black and white 3D.

Realistic Travel's caption: "At the bayonet's point our lads rush and capture a German machine-gunner in his lair at Croisilles."

Keystone's caption: “No Man's Land Near Lens, France"

Stereographs from World of Stereoviews!

Stereoscopic photos of the war were also sold to the public, by for example Realistic Travels, Neue Photographische Gesellschaft (NPG), Underwood & Underwood and Keystone View Company. These stereo cards were often sold in a boxed set with a mobile stereoscope, similar to the popular View-Master of the 1970s.