31 Jan 2008

The 1929-2008 editions of "The Storm of Steel"

The first English translation of In Stahlgewittern, that is, The Storm of Steel: From the Diary of a German Storm-Troop Officer on the Western Front, was published in UK and USA in 1929 (also pocket in USA 1930) - with several imprints to follow.

From the 1980s to the early 2000s, the 1929 edition of The Storm of Steel was published in several facsimile editions in USA (for example Howard Fertig Inc. and Zimmermann & Zimmermann) and UK (Constable).

A new English translation by Michael Hofmann was published by Allen Lane (Penguin) in 2003, Storm of Steel, and as a Penguin Modern Classics-edition in 2004. The 8th imprint, with a new layout, was published in January 2008 (see photo).

Quite surrealistical, the Penguin editions have the same cover-page photo as the almost 10 year older Constable reprint, although reversed, and with a totally made-up caption.

Das Begleitbuch zu Ernst Jünger "In Stahlgewittern" is found at English-language web sites http://www.abebooks.com/ and http://www.bookfinder.com/.