21 Feb 2008

Storm of Steel - the movie?

In November 1999, the German company Odeon Film announced their plans of making a film of Ernst Jünger’s In Stahlgewittern. It was planned to be a large-scale German-French-English production in collaboration with the Münich-based producer Thomas Schühly, former assistant to Fassbinder and executive producer of the 1986 film Der Name der Rose (The Name of the Rose, based on Umberto Eco's novel, with Sean Connery).

Not much happened though.

Reinhard Klooss, the company's management board member responsible for the feature film division, said in 2001, according to the the film magazine Kino, that Thomas Schühly's film project of In Stahlgewittern was now instead being approached as a large-scale feature documentary.

In the end of 2002 Thomas Schühly said in an interview for the die tageszeitung, that he had got the film rights of In Stahlgewittern personally by Jünger (“Auch von Jünger hab ich noch persönlich die Rechte gekriegt.”).

In 2004 the $155 million Hollywood film Alexander, based on the life of Alexander the Great, was released, directed by Oliver Stone. The film was co-produced by Thomas Schühly.

In December 2007 it was reported in the news that Schühly now is busy with a remake of the classic 1927 German science-fiction Metropolis.

Thus, one wonders, what will happen with the film rights of In Stahlgewittern? Who would play Ernst Jünger? And what would it be like? Something similar to The Thin Red Line? Thomas Schühly says it is "ein reines Kunstwerk. Das knallt aus allem raus. Da werde ich in eine gesamtmenschliche Betrachtung geführt, vor der ich nur auf die Knie gehen kann. Einmal im Leben so etwas machen."